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Why You Want To Move To Midland, NC

This is Midland, NC.

It’s about a thirty minute drive from Uptown Charlotte, which is a pretty standard commute if you don’t live within the 485 loop and even THEN you still might hit traffic. The town is small and personal. Their town hall is located at the intersection of US-601 and NC-27. You’d be hard-pressed to get lost trying to find your way to the library as it’s all there on the same block. My coworker and I drove down there a couple of weeks ago to see what we could see and although there are not a lot of options for dining, the options you can choose from are delicious. We stopped at D’Anna’s Kitchen for a late breakfast

and chat with the local Midlanders. They were exceptionally nice and were very proud of their community. In the matter of ten minutes, the restaurant was packed for brunch.


Kristin got a mushroom omelette and I got chocolate chip pancakes. YUM! We gathered some information about the town and what they enjoyed about being there. They said that their favorite part is the people. They are generous and kind to each other. One of the best things about a small Southern town.

They clued us in to a nearby park that they recommended we stop and see, Rob Wallace Park. After we finished up, we drove over there which took about seven minutes and were highly impressed because we weren’t expecting such a large space. Tons of new features, expansion to the walking trails, brand new fences, disc golf course, beautiful playgrounds and picnic areas, and a large pond with ample seating to feed the ducks or listen to the fountains. You could hear the farm animals from a nearby property too. It was a very calming and comfortable place to enjoy a few minutes of our afternoon. They put a lot of thought and care into making this space inviting for the families and people of Midland.


We had to get back to work after our visit to the park, but the ladies at D’Annas left us with a few more highlights of their quiet little country town, Bethel Elementary (very near the park) is one of the best rated schools in the county. There was a horse farm down the road from the restaurant that takes care of the large Clydesdale horses when they come into town and you can visit them while they are there. Last, but not least, Reed’s Gold Mine was a nine minute drive away and is the first documented spot that gold was found in the United States! “Portions of the underground tunnels at the Reed mine have been restored for guided tours. A visitor center contains exhibits of gold and historical mining equipment. An orientation film highlights the first gold discovery, and tours of a restored ore-crushing stamp mill are offered. A picnic area is available, and trails wind through the historic mining area.” Sounds like a great place to take the family or spend a day out of the city.

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