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    What is #52NSRA and how can I join in?

    In 2017, Kyle Bender, embarked on a journey of self-reflection and posted a short Facebook video of what he was thankful for everyday. The response was overwhelming!

    Multiple Charlotte TV stations even picked up his story. Check it out:

    Fox 46- 365 Days of Gratitude

    WCNC- From booze to bliss: 33-year-old replaces alcohol with 365 days of gratitude

    Those videos inspired this new challenge for 2018- we’re calling it 52 (Not-So) Random Acts of Kindness (#52NSRA for short).

    This year’s idea is simple and easy to pass along. Remember, a little kindness goes a long way!

    We’d love your help in spreading kindness locally and across the country!


    You can do whatever you’d like to show someone you care, as long as you use it to show kindness for someone else. You can do something as simple or creative as you’d like. We’ve been keeping our budget at about $20.

    Maybe you want to surprise someone you see everyday, or a complete stranger.

    Some ideas: Take a homeless person out for lunch and hear their story, surprise worker’s at your child’s school with some goodies, or simply give someone in need a gift card. The choice is up to you!


    1. Write out “52 Not So Random Acts,” #52NSRA, and your city and state on a sheet of paper (Take a picture or video of your “sign”).

    2. Create a short video telling us your idea, and of you performing your act of kindness or telling us about it. (Take pictures too!) And if you’re up for it, a short video of your thoughts after you “perform” your act of kindness. We’d also love to hear from the recipient, if you can talk them into being on camera.

    3. We’re looking for a total of 1-2 minutes of video to put together- if you’re tech savvy enough, feel free to edit it yourself!

    4. We can’t wait to see what you send us! Email pictures and video to

    5. EVERY WEEK we’ll be posting a video to our social media platforms (HINT HINT: Follow Scarlett Real Estate on Facebook!). If you post your videos or photos to your Facebook or Instagram account, use the #52NSRA hashtag and tag Scarlett Real Estate and me!

    Here’s an example of one of those videos:

    In the wise words of ELLEN, “Be kind to one another.”

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