‘Tis The Season For Christmas Lights in the QC!

    “Little full. Lotta sap.”- Clark Griswald

    G-228  Max (Russell Crowe) enjoys the company of his supposed long-lost cousin Christie Roberts (Abbie Cornish) in A GOOD YEAR.

    Happy Holidays everyone! I really hope the weeks and days are winding down for all of you in preparation of family and friends coming in to town, or if you’re traveling you’re gearing up for that – no matter what’s in store for you I hope you’re able to enjoy the last few days and weeks of 2016! With that said…I’m sure most of you will be out touring the town looking at all of the Christmas lights this wonderful city has to offer. And I just HAD to share this one secret if you don’t know it already.

    Hillside Avenue in Myers Park. 

    It’s like driving through a magical city! You have these amazing string light ball things that hang from the trees and the entire street is just lined with them! My good friend showed me this trendy spot just the other day and I can’t believe I have gone all this time without driving through here! Not only are the homes gorgeous, they do NOT disappoint with the Christmas lights and decorations. This street has become pretty popular through the years due to these Christmas light ball things (as I so eloquently call them) and you should too take a stroll to Hillside Avenue to see for yourself! It’s just so beautiful!


    And if you want to know how to make these yourself, which it seems pretty easy to do, check out this tutorial.

    I also want to add that not only is this just a pretty place to drive through and see the lights, the neighborhood has set up their own Food Drive! So make sure you pack your non-perishable food items and you’ll see signs and drop off locations to donate. How awesome is that?!





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    Incredible experience overall – Katie is AWESOME!! I took over a year to purchase and I am sure that was somewhat frustrating for Scarlett but they were so great about it. Katie wanted what was best for my family and I and was not just there to make a buck. She genuinely cared about our interests and getting the best place that suited us and then fighting for us to get it. Excellent experience!
    Jesse in Indian Trail, NC