Save Your Home From Dryer Fires

    Every year, more than 2900 home fires are started by clothes dryers. The leading cause of these fires are from a build of up lint from lack of maintenance. The removable lint filter unfortunately doesn’t catch all of the cloth and fabric particles, so maintenance requires a little more than just emptying the filter after each load.

    Whether you live in your own home or plan to purchase in the near future, it’s important to have safeguards in place for the utilities that you use that could put your home at risk. You want to make sure that the lint that gets trapped in crevices and in the hose on it’s way outside are thoroughly cleaned.

    Here are a few warning signs to look for that may indicate your dryer is getting clogged up by lint:

    – Clothes are taking a lot longer to dry, and sometimes not even drying all the way.
    – Clothes may be hotter by the end of the cycle.
    – The outside of the dryer starts to get really hot.
    – The outside exhaust vent flapper isn’t opening much.
    – The laundry room begins to feel really humid.
    – There is a burnt smell in the laundry room.

    If this seems to be the case, then you’ll want to evaluate your dryer. The tools you need to clean it are as follows:

    – A vacuum with a long hose attachment.
    – Dryer vent brush kit.
    – Screwdriver
    – UL listed metal foil duct tape

    Here are 4 steps to cleaning your dryer:

    1. Remove the lint trap filter and make sure it’s completely cleaned off. You want to make sure you’re cleaning the filter after every load to help prevent lint build up.

    2. Vacuum the space that houses the lint trap filter. The filter doesn’t capture all of the particles, and this is the second place the lint will begin to accumulate.

    3. Disconnect the dryer duct and clean out the duct with a long hose from a vacuum. You can also use a duct brush to help you complete a more thorough job.

    4. Make sure the duct is connected properly. You don’t want it cinched in any part of the duct, to prevent crevices where the lint can get stuck.

    No one knows the value your home has as much as us, keep it protected by taking some simple cautionary steps to keeping everything in running order. If you need recommendations of a service who will come out and clean your dryer vents or any other home service, we’d love to provide you with names of people on our preferred vendor list.

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