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November Agency Spotlight – Charlotte Real Producers

Original article featured on the Charlotte Real Producers website.

Written by: Eli J. Pacheco
Photography by: Kristina Kay

Scarlett Property Group is in the business of helping people.

Agents, of course. Kyle Bender is that boss who constantly
asks, “What do you need?” And he means it. That scope of help extends way beyond the walls of the Scarlett office. No, the boundaries of Scarlett hearts are way more vast.

Scarlett Property Group began a program ingrained in its roots. The Heroes program gives $500 to veterans, current military personnel, first responders, nurses, and teachers toward the costs of buying or selling a home.

“It’s a thank you,” Kyle says. “They may be able not to have to go in their pockets for anything. It can make or break their ability to make a deal.”

That giving spirit is so much a part of Scarlett Property Group, named for Kyle’s niece – who thinks she owns the place, Kyle says. Scarlett Hearts is the giving arm of the company, and it’s every bit as strong as the selling part.

Top agent Katie Brown began her real estate career with Scarlett Property Group. She met Kyle at a kickball game, and their high-level friendly personalities drew together like a red ball to the side of your head.

They’re both ‘yes’ people who struggle to say no to any help they can offer. It’s not just writing checks. One client was a couple – a wife stateside, a husband deployed in Bahrain. When he couldn’t be there, they decided to make a life-sized cutout of him to bring to the close.

“A majority of our clients become part of the Scarlett family,” Katie says. “We’re friends with most of them. Our clients are fun, they’re loving. They love to give back as well. When we do these types of things, they rally. I get chills just talking about it.”

Spend time around the group’s core, and you might think they’re a giving company that does real estate on the side. That’s just a reflection of the genuine nature of the culture. The Heroes program means the world to them – but if they could buy every veteran a house, they would.

New agents take notice. Scarlett does the little things, too, like hosting ice cream socials. Kyle summed up the fellowship on his team: They meet, they talk, they eat, and
drink. Word gets out that it’s a team that hustles and takes care of each other.

“That’s what we want,” Kyle says. “We want to attract the right agents just as we want to attract the right clients.”

As Scarlett Property Group builds relationships with clients and agents, it’s also big on education. Many military, active duty, and veterans know about VA loans but aren’t aware of other options they have as a result of their service. It’s Katie’s job to teach them.

“It changes the mindset from ‘never-going-to-happen,’ to ‘holy cow I could have a house in 60 days,’” Katie says. “It changes everything for them. We know about credits they can qualify for and can lend some expertise. It’s about teaching the clients how to do this.”

For being such giving go-getters, Scarlett agents must also be patient.

The one-off, fast-sell isn’t their style. Kyle takes an approach of relationship-building. That doesn’t always yield quick results, but it’s what can grow through relationships that keep him going. In 15 years in the industry, it seems to be working.

“If we can make more, and give more back, we’ll do better,” Kyle says. “We have to do this together. It’s a sports mentality. You win as a team, not as one person.”

It helps if someone in your group is famous like, a star on social-media famous. If not a person, then… a gaudy, eye-catching key? Kyle and Katie constantly bat around ideas for the next big thing. Katie focused on those dime-a-dozen closing photos you see online and thought, how could we make this our own?

What if we made a 4-foot key, Katie wondered. Something that would identify a transaction as a Scarlett sale. It would be Scarlett red, naturally.

Who knew it would become iconic? That agents would replicate it, take it everywhere with them, give it the Stanley Cup treatment?

“It’s a silly red key, and I hated it,” Kyle says.

“He said it’s obnoxious,” Katie says. “I said, exactly!”

“I don’t want to be loud,” Kyle says. “I wanted to be classy.
But people love it!”

“People do love it,” Katie says. “It’s Facebook famous. People want the picture with the key!”

Awareness of the key gives Scarlett exposure. Exposure to Scarlett means clients can have a fulfilling real estate experience from a group that wants to help.

“I love it,” Kyle says. “People who know us know we’ll give back. They ask me if I can do this for their organization. I say yes, yes, and yes. Every month, we find a way.

Contact Scarlett Property Group at 704-665-0007.

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I was searching for a home in the University Area (3 bedrooms under $150k) in Charlotte and got in touch with Katie Brown. After only a few weeks, Katie helped me get a house with every single thing on my wish list at exactly the right price! She was very pleasant to work with, always going above and beyond to help me out by answering a multitude of first time home buyer questions, and including advice. I was very pleased with Katie’s ability to negotiate on my behalf and help me get priority …
University Area, Charlotte, NC