Fall is a great time to Buy & Sell!

    The market continues to look optimistic for us in Charlotte although some areas in the country are noticing a slowdown.  If you’ve been thinking about a move, now would be a great time to sell your home and here’s why: 

    – Lower inventory than the early Spring Summer market
    – Buyers are more motivated to get in before the holidays and end of the year.
    – You can attract unique buyers that might not have found what they were looking for the Spring Summer inventory.

    Also, from the Buyers perspective, there are a lot of good reasons to buy in the Fall as well: 
    – Buyers will have more opportunity to see homes, and not be forced to make an offer and drop out because of multiple offers.
    – Buyers know that the Sellers listed in the Fall are more serious about selling.
    – Buyers first mortgage payment can fall after the new year, so that helps offset some holiday expenses during that time.
    – End of year clearance sales on appliances, larger electronics also make it attractive timing.

    Let me show you what you could sell your home for and help you decide if now is the right time for you to make a MOVE.

    – Kyle

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    We recently sold our home in S.Charlotte , I had previously been with a large well known company which frankly seemed to rely more on their reputation than their willingness to actually do the work necessary to get the home sold. This is where Katie stands out in my opinion. Before I signed with her I told her “warned would be a better term” of my expectations , she laughed and said “no problem”. I now understand why it was no problem because she exceeded my…
    Charlotte, NC