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Are you ready?…More importantly do you have a plan?

The clock is ticking, its almost selling season.  Clients, customers and people we talk to have a very common question about this time of year.  “I’m going to sell my house, when should I list it so I take advantage of the spring selling season.”  While the spring time in Charlotte brings flowers and green lawns, warmer temps and outdoor activity.  The way your home looks from the outside is only part of the picture for any potential buyer.  Also, lets face it, about the time we are convinced we’ve turned the corner on winter and its clear sailing for blue skies and sunshine, mother nature sends another ice storm our way.

So lets look at some other factors.  Large corporations move their employees at various times of the year but the “new money” and budgets for relocations are available generally as the calendar turns.  These same employees and their families have school age children often times which affects when they are willing to move or how they time their purchase.

Many folks receive their tax returns in the March or April time frame and either receive money towards their potential down payment or have certainty about what they may owe Uncle Sam at the very least. Lastly and most importantly, are you ready? As real estate agents, we can list your house on the MLS in a very short time frame, but being really ready to sell can bring top dollar for your home and present what may be your most proud possession in the best light.  Click on to find all the resources we have for sellers and contact me to ask when is the best time to list with Scarlett and request our seller’s checklist to prepare your home for SOLD!

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Working with Katie Brown and the team at Scarlett Property Group was great. Her knowledge and poise really helped to calm a stressful situation while her enthusiasm and energy kept the entire process jubilant! Thank you!
Matthew W. in Rock Hill, SC