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An SPG at eXp update on Real Estate during the COVID-19 pandemic

Hi Friends, Family and Clients,

During this uncertain time, our hearts and support go out to all of our first responders, medical professionals, and their families working to keep everyone safe and the Corona Virus contained. To all of our Carolinians, please stay as safe as possible. Bring disinfectant with you and wipe down handles, keys, and try your best not to touch your faces. Let the sprays, sanitizers, and wipes dry naturally on whatever surface it is on. Let the chemicals in the cleaner do their thing.

We know and understand these times are challenging and want to keep you informed on all things real estate as things are rapidly changing here in the Charlotte area. As scary as things are right now, this is happening and we have to adapt to a more virtual way of life for the time being. Currently, Mecklenburg County has issued a Stay at Home order (click for the full document) which impacts real estate showings and open houses, effective Thursday at 8 am.  These events will not be allowed until April 16th.

The good news is that people are still buying and selling their homes and closing attorneys and banks are still closing properties and recording so people can move!  Per the MLS, the Charlotte market is still going strong.  In the last 14 days, 571 single-family homes had an average of 35 days on the market.  Another 404 homes have closed in the last two weeks.

So, in the meantime, our business continues and people are still shopping and buying homes with us, it’s just a little different. Our team is working remotely, doing virtual tours and working on alternative methods of business.  Interest rates are extremely low for financing currently, so if you are in the market to buy, sell, invest, or rent your property – we are here and ready to help you! Our lender, Austin Combs with NFM Lending, is ready to get you pre-qualified and our attorneys, are in the office ready to guide you through that closing paperwork.

What is exciting is that our eXp real estate brokerage is already cloud based and all online, so our infrastructure and standard operations of business aren’t impacted and we can operate at a high level for you.

As we keep everyone in our prayers during the COVID-19 pandemic environment, we also share kindness, patience, hope and love with you all.  Let’s continue to help each other, our fellow neighbors and friends and we will all get through this together. If you are out there sharing the same things, let us know how! We’d love to help you in your efforts to lift the spirits of our neighbors and friends. Check out Kyle Bender playing the guitar in his efforts to bring cheer to Facebook fam. Do you have a special skill or talent?

If we can help you in any way (not just real estate related), please let us know.

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