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A Drive-Thru Petting Zoo? In Charlotte?!?!


OK, OK so not really in Charlotte per se, but right around the corner in Mooresville and I must say, if you haven’t been here, this place is a MUST SEE! I went this past weekend and although it wasn’t my first time at the Lazy 5 Ranch, it’s just as exhilarating as the first.

So, Lazy 5 Ranch is basically that, a zoo. But not like any ordinary zoo. Here, the majority of the animals are not in cages or enclosures and you can touch and feed them! But the exciting part is how you can either drive through this maze of wilderness touching and feeding all of these wild and exotic animals OR you can take a wagon ride and get the full air experience. Either is spectacular, but you do pay more for the wagon ride. And a bucket of feed is extra too, and I would recommend 1 bucket per person (trust me, there’s enough animals to feed – you may need extra!).


When you first drive into and up the driveway, you’ll be greeted by a number of llamas, goats, donkeys, and some other furry cute animals I couldn’t recognize. And they just roam around, free as a bird, coming up to your car, walking casually – totally not afraid of you. How they don’t run out of the gate amazes me but what an entrance!

Once you get up to the gate you’ll pay your entry fee, either for the wagon ride or the drive thru and then any buckets of feed you’ll want. From there you can either go through the drive thru (if you went that route) or you can park and check out all of the other animals not on the tour! Let’s take the drive thru 🙂995

So you head through the gates (they remind you to please stay in your vehicles – remember these ARE wild animals) and immediately you are greeted by all SORTS of animals. Lucky for you I took pictures so you can experience just how up close and PERSONAL these animals got 🙂 First we were greeted by the Zebras. Now they say don’t touch or feed the Zebras – I hear they CAN be pretty aggressive if they wanted to be so just for precautionary measures, best to follow the rules. But that doesn’t stop them from getting close – TO YOU. Look how he just comes right on in!

2 14









Then you continue your ride, being greeted by all SORTS of animals – from tiny little pigs and piglets to ostriches, what I can only assume are Oxyn? To spotted deer, the cutest cows ever – and you can feed ALL OF THEM! Helpful tip – when feeding the birds, although tempting, do NOT feed them from your hand – OUCH! Let them eat straight from the bucket. They aren’t shy 🙂


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You may get caught in a road block like this, but don’t panic, they’ll move eventually – especially if they know you have food!











Look at the giraffes!











And the horns on this big guy!











Needless to say you won’t be disappointed!!









*Note that they only take cash and to make reservations you can call 704-663-5100.


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